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Joana Nastari's

Fuck You Pay Me

Image: Anna Sandul

Image: Anna Sandul

Image: Anna Sandul

Image: Greg Veit

Image: Greg Veit

Image: Greg Veit

Joana Nastari's Fuck You Pay Me at Brainchild Festival

"My new secret wealth volcanoes my insides.

I am the queen of cans of redstripe and tequila shots in little plastic cups.

My kingdom is a kingdom of plenty..."

Fuck You Pay Me is a one woman show about life as a stripper. In London. Or is it?

B is a first generation Brazilian girl living in London at home with her Mum and her two sisters. She’s got the worst hangover of her life, she’s been out all night, and she doesn’t want to go home and face the consequences last night: when over the loud music of a night club, her sisters found out that she is a stripper.

Fuck You Pay Me will be playing at Platform Southwark, 14-15 November 2017, the first co-production project between Joana Nastari and Jules Orcullo's The Joy Offensive. Donate to our Indiegogo campaign for some sought after perks including tickets to the event, signed scripts and light-up shoes.

Fuck You Pay Me began its development at the Lyric Hammersmith and has since been developed and showcased at The Roundhouse, The Pleasance, SOHO Theatre, and Platform Southwark throughout 2016-17. It recently debuted as an hour-long work-in-progress at Brainchild Festival’s main theatre stage in July 2017.

Some feedback from audiences so far:

“A gripping insight into the world of stripping. Authentic, high energy and hilarious, beautifully performed. There's no show like it.”

"Can't put words to how sick [Joana Nastari] is ... mind-blowing."

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