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Strategic Reinvigoration: Phase 2

The purpose of this document is to map progress from Phase 1 and outlook for Phase 2.

Of the major objectives of Phase 1, 2 out of 5 were completed: to complete a draft of Lockout and to establish a movement routine. Of the additional objectives, 1 out of 3 were completed.

The key success of Phase 1 was a marked uptick in creative output. The key failure of Phase 2 related to prioritising practicalities. There was also a temporary uptick in wellbeing objectives.

Regarding narratives to be overturned, I recorded a marked difference in the intensity of narrative dependent on my location. My findings lead me to understand that a major practical priority is housing. Here I find a strange conundrum wherein my capacity to afford housing in a hostile market may be increasingly dependent on time spent away from creative practice. I am hesitant to trade in my gains from Phase 1 for projected alternate gains in Phase 2 and beyond.

The exercise for Phase 2 is balance. The following sequence of events is one that is often taken for granted as the way to do things:

  1. Build internal capacity

  2. Square debts and responsibilities

  3. Secure stability

  4. Unleash creativity

I'm unsure this is an authentic process for my personal creativity. Much of my adulthood is marked by phases where I've delayed creativity in the pursuit of stability. Those are the phases I look back on with the most regret. .

But I'm also unsure as to whether the opposite is true.

Therefore, as a neurodiverse person whose brain is #eeaao, my strategy will be to pursue all things simultaneously. Like the sound of a chord instead of an arpeggio.

Major objectives:

  • Build my capacity through self and community care

  • Project manage Fraser Babies and cabaret

  • Find employment and housing

  • Write 3 songs by 22 November 2022

There will be no additional objectives during this phase.


The utilisation of a process blog has been effective as a routine grounding point for my unfolding practice. The public nature of the process blog was effective in producing accountability. I may not have kept up with the practice had it been totally private. It is however, limiting. I find myself wondering if my self-censorship hinders the reflective potential of the process. For now I'm continuing the current reflective practice as is and will make adjustments if they call.


There are several key factors are present during Phase 2 which were not as present during Phase 1 that will provide extra challenges. As such, I


I'm interested in investing in joy. I don't know what this means. But this is the word that'll guide me over the next 2 weeks.

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