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Strategic Reinvigoration: Phase 3

The purpose of this document is to define areas of interest and priority for the period of 22 November 2022 - 14 December 2022. It is - as always - a tongue-in-cheek document created to quench the learned yearning within me to write strategic and project plans in an administrative setting without being employed by a company to do so and without being literally and legally beholden to its colonial and corporate power.

About a week into Phase 3 and challenges mention in Phase 2 are clearer and more present now. Therefore my prorities have necessarily shifted. None of the objectives from Phase 2 were met. I made some progress in songwriting so there is an arguable success there, but the success lines need to shift rather dramatically.

Major objectives for Phase 3:

  • Make in through. Survive. Just be here, alive, at the end of it.

  • Make a small dent in your unresolved business each day. Even if it's just looking at something uncomfortable for a small amount of time.

  • Make at least 2 TikToks.

That's all for this phase. I'm conserving while I can. The carried responsibilities I have are enough. I don't need to go looking for more.

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